Guru-ma Shailaja Devi (affectionately called Maiyaji), was educated through the modern English system, she also received education and training in the fields of yoga and religion from her devout family and she received highly developed training in yoga through invisible persons in her dreams.

Maiyaji married Bapu in 1980 and is now mother of their two children. Following the dietary requirements of Bapu, she has not taken any salt or cereals since she married.

When she is not busy performing her own sadhana, she looks after the administration of the Ashram, and the catering facilities at the Ashram, whilst at the same time being a devoted and loving mother.

Maiyaji was also instrumental in planning, organization and construction of the Ashram in Rishikesh, on the banks of the River Ganges.

Maiyaji also guides seekers who attend the ashram, and spends considerable time everyday with female seekers, advising and guiding them as to how to carry out sadhana, along with their worldly duties.