Welcome to the world of spontaneous meditation – spiritual advancement of the self

Self realisation without restriction of Guru, Religion, Nationality, Sex, Caste. Made possible by the Blessings of Sadguru Dattatreya- supreme Guru of the universe and His Holiness Maharshi  Punit Achariji (Poojya Bapushri).

Bapushri’s message :

“Deep within us is a single, Pure Consciousness that is omnipresent, prevailing everywhere. Everywhere this outer consciousness is the Father of all, but it is only when we turn inside that we meet him. Our true Father (our Higher Self) is never deluded or distracted by the differences in colour, quality, nature, caste, creed or religion of any of His children. He sees in each of them equally His own splendour, which is pure Bliss.

Let us take new birth in our recognition of Him within ourselves. This is the supreme achievement of our lives; our only purpose; our blissful destiny.”

– His Holiness Maharshi Punitachariji