Sunil Gosai

Sunil-Gosias_120sqSunil Gosai, an IT professional by day, has been involved with yoga for over fifteen years.

After suffering from back problems for many years he joined a free yoga class offered at the Sri Aurobindo Circle Asram on Sherwood Avenue, Streatham Vale London.
Impressed with how effective yoga was in curing his bad back, he welcomed the  opportunity to become a trainee yoga teacher under the encouragement and guidence from his yoga teacher Ramesh Patel.

Since qualifying as a yoga teacher, about five years ago, Sunil has stared four yoga classes where he offers free yoga training to approximately sixty people a week in the South London and Croydon areas.

Sunil has discovered a beautiful Scottish  island, Wee Cumbrae,  in the Firth of Clyde, in North Ayrshire.  The island owned by the Patanjali Yog Peeth UK Trust is aptly known as the Peace Island among the yoga community, where he arranges exclusive access to hold regular yoga retreats.