Robin Monro, PhD

  • robin_120sqStarted as research biochemist
  • Shifted to yoga therapy, following cure of asthma by yoga
  • Founded Yoga Biomedical Trust (1983)
  • Trained with leading yoga therapists from SVYASA and Kaivalyadhama
  • Pioneer book on yoga therapy: Nagarathna R, Nagendra HR and Monro R Yoga for Common Ailments.  GAIA Books (1990).
  • Established UK’s first Yoga Therapy Diploma Course (trained over 100 professional yoga therapy practitioners)
  • Established and directed a major yoga therapy centre in London (1994 to 2008)
  • Current activity:  Research and development of yoga therapy for low back pain
  • Aims to relate the objective knowledge of modern science with the experiential knowledge of traditional yoga, maintaining high quality in both.