Chandrakant Shukla

chandrakant_shukla_120sqChandrakant Shukla, a retired civil servant has been a Yoga instructor for over 25  years. He is well learned in Hindu Scriptures, a keen social worker and also a Hindu priest. He was one of the first volunteers to start Yoga classes in the UK in collaboration with S-VYASA in 1989.

He has held Yoga classes since 1989 in Croydon and hundreds of students from all ethnic backgrounds have attended his classes.

With one mission of spreading universal peace and happiness, He has inspired many volunteers to become Yoga Instructors.

He is a devotee of Punit Achariji, whose main focus is Sahaj Yoga and is also the founder and Trustee of Datta Sahaj Yoga Mission(UK), DSYM .

Under his guidance and inspiration, annual Yoga retreats and regular meditation sessions are organised for the benefit of all.

He is ever smiling and he has initiated the idea to Celebrate International Day of Yoga to create Awareness of Yoga to all for the benefit to Humanity.