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About Us

Our vision is to see a world where peace presides, and where all individuals are empowered to find enlightenment, regardless of religion, caste, creed, colour or sex.

In todays modern society, technology seems to find a solution for almost anything. However, despite our best efforts, there is still much in the way of stress and disharmony in our world.

Through the use of the mantra ‘Hari Om Tatsat Jai Guru Datta’ we would like to promote a new way of living. A way of living with love and respect for all others around us, and for the world and universe we live in.

There are many paths to the Truth, and to Enlightenment. Meditation is one such path. By spending time regularly practicing meditation, one starts the journey through the inner self, bringing harmony to body, mind and spirit. Slowly but surely the glow of pure consciousness starts to manifest itself, the same pure consciousness which powers every living entity, and ultimately the universe itself.

Meditation is by its very nature a challenge to the modern mind. Meditation brings in to focus our own inner world, but the modern mind has always been conditioned to focus on the outer world around us. The mantra ‘Hari Om Tatsat Jai Guru Datta’ allows the modern mind to experience the age old, and coveted state of meditation in a spontaneous manner (sahaja dhyan) – bringing balance and allowing the onset of harmony, in the inner minds of those who meditate and in the outer world all around us.

We do not charge anyone for the mantra, or to learn how to use it. We firmly and simply believe that this divine mantra should be accessible to anyone who wants it.


Weekly Thought

ॐ भूर्भुवः॒ स्वः ।
तत्स॑वितुर्वरे॑ण्यं ।
भ॒र्गो॑ दे॒वस्य॑ धीमहि। ।
धियो॒ यो नः॑ प्रचो॒दया॑त्॥ ।

Oṃ bhūr bhuvaḥ svaḥ
tát savitúr váreṇ(i)yaṃ

bhárgo devásya dhīmahi

dhíyo yó naḥ pracodáyāt